A slice of Europe (in Potts Point)

Jeanette Budak admits she gets distracted when watching Baz Luhrmann's films. We can't blame her though. Catherine Martin's gorgeous sets get the eyes wandering and the imagination firing.  We're not sure if this is a good or a bad thing for Baz's movies but Catherine's designs are certainly a wonderful inspiration for home styling. 
This art deco apartment is very much decorated with Jeanette's own signature style but amongst the antiques, cherubs, ornaments and art there are some nods to the Luhrmann-Martin collaboration in rather surprising ways....

We have to admit we found ourselves distracted from cake and conversation
by Jeanette's glamorous and fun take on home decoration. 
There is so much to look at in this richly embellished apartment!
The iconic Trash 'n' Treasure market in Canberra really does throw up some gems sometimes. Treasure hunters need plenty of dedication to unearth finds like this fabulous chandelier candelabra.
Biber loves his spot on the antique French dining table. Jeanette found the 1950s
dining setting from Canberra based dealer Fox Antiques.
See http://www.foxantiques.com.au/
You can barely see yourself in this large panelled acrylic mirror.
But we love the hazy weathered effect. And we love that it's from the actual set of Moulin Rouge!  Bought at auction for a mere $30, it's the perfect backdrop for Jeanette's opulent style.

Richly coloured velvets and Baroque influenced furnishings give Jeanette's
living room a luxuriously theatrical feel -  not unlike a set for a slightly quirky
period piece.

Several pieces in this room were featured on the set of Luhrmann's 'Australia'. 
The wardrobe and dressing table were used in the bedroom at Faraway Downs.
Jeanette even found a framed 'family portrait' of Nicole and Hugh in the dressing
table drawer. 

Despite some of it's furniture's origins, there's nothing cattle station about this
room. Jeanette has such a flair for evoking a sense of European romance.  

Overnight guests are treated to a French bed and Italian patterned chenille coverlet. The gorgeous shield cushion features the coat of arms for Florence. Pure romance!



We love a good foyer.
Potts Point, Sydney. 1929.
 Thanks so much to Jeanette and Biber for inviting us in!


  1. This is a great post girls and a testament to what can be achieved when you possess a keen eye and passion for great style.

    Scrolling through the photos I felt like I had travelled back to a time when things were a lot simpler and almost expected to see a closing shot of Jeanette in one of her opulently upholstered chairs, martini glass in one hand, long cigarette holder in the other.

    Fancy finding all of these treasures and the unexpected delight of unearthing the 'family photo' in the drawer is pure magic.

    Thanks again,

    Felicity x

  2. Thanks Felicity. We agree. Jeanette's place is a real gem. And that would have been a brilliant closing shot - she's a gorgeous lady - but the cat was the only willing poser!

  3. Oh my I adore this apartment ... I was walking through Potts Point the other day, such amazing apartment blocks .... this one is exactly how I imagined they should be, thanks for such a lovely tour !!!

  4. What a small world! I bought the wardrobe and dressing table from 'Otto's Interiors' in Surry Hills when I was working on Australia! So nice to see it in a beautiful home.

  5. I just love the cushion, great shape and the gilt chairs.

  6. It is a gorgeous cushion and what a small world indeed! It's so great that the wardrobe and dressing table ended up in such a lovely home.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful space, I simply adore the use of glass and collection of Eiffel Towers!