A house in the country.
A self confessed bowerbird has filled this house in NSW Southern Highlands with irresistable finds and greatly treasured heirlooms.
You're invited to take a peek at this family home that bursts with warmth and nostalgia...

Photos of family past and present.
The antique Chinese chest came from The Shed in Mittagong. "I loved it's texture and well loved feel."

The concrete slab floor had colour added to it as it was poured. It's cracked and worn feel perfectly complements it's rustic surrounds. Complete with chook!  

Green and grey cusion is from a little shop in Braidwood.  The shop is now closed but Braidwood is fantastic for vintage wares. One of our favourite shops in NSW is Berndoff.

This cherished red sofa was inherited from the house this homeowner grew up in and has a lovely history.  "It was in a very grand hall and we always sat on it to open our Christmas presents."

Little treasures. Ornaments from a house inherited from Scotland find their new home.
Everything has a story. This crockery was inherited from a 
grandmother who shared a love of fine china.

Next time we visit a mid-century beach house.


A cute and colourful family home

As editor of online children’s magazine, Papier Mache, it seems fitting that Beck Cunningham, her husband Matt and daughters Matilda and Indigo should live in such a playful space.

Come and see....

Hannah Montana-free zone.
Beck is in her element when it comes to her young daughter's bedrooms.

Something old, something blue. Beck has pretty much put the whole place together without buying anything new.

Most family homes have a clear dividbetween the children's rooms and the living areas but in this place, there are no borders. 
Giraffe decal (as usually seen in nurseries ) available from Romp Brooklyn http://rompstore.com/

It's Tuesday, don't forget the library bag.

“I’ll look after you”. Art with pom poms by Beck’s daughter Indigo.

Vintage vases on lace doilies, kewpie dolls, old records and a spoon collection. A bit nanna, a bit nursery. A little bit punk and very cheeky.

Pink bird by Abigail Brown.
Next time we take a trip to the country.