coloured canvas

When renovating or building a house, people often talk of creating a 
blank canvas upon which colour and style can be added via 
furnishings and art.
 We suppose that's the safe way to do it.
Muted tones didn't stand a chance with this couple who had a 
canvas of a very different kind in mind.  From the carpet to the 
cabinets, an exciting use of black and bold primary colours brings 
to mind a Mondrian masterpiece...

This family of six have plenty of room to spread out 
around a recycled timber table from Jimmy Possum.

 Black kitchen cabinetry doesn't loom large
like you might expect. It almost makes the 
wall of kichen cupboards disappear.

Not for the faint hearted.  
A red glass staircase is a statement unto 

A weathered Lloyd Loom chair "has been
 in the family forever".  We love its raw state
and rustic appeal against its very modern backdrop.
This is in this house where anything

The master bedroom lets the floor do the colour - but 
gets a little help from the yellow on the balcony 
Rich navy blue carpet features throughout the top floor.
Sunlight pours into the house from panes of glass
scattered throughout the structure. It wasn't until the couple 
had committed to the blue, red and yellow colourscheme
that they realised they had achieved a disctincly Mondrian 

Very much a family home - simple, sturdy furnishings
withstand boisterous activity and plenty of built in
storage tucks away the toys at the end of the day.

This house unfolds itself to the visitor gradually.  
The front part of the house retains its original features 
and holds a range of inherited antique heirloom furniture. 
The only hint of what's to come is in the bold red door.

Architect Simon Hansen has worked the lines of
the house to maximise light and impact. 
This house holds little surprises at every turn,
like this dash of red , overhead mirror and flash of sky.
See www.bureausrh.com for more of Simon's work.

Bendy lights by Artemide www.artemide.com.au
are flexible and fun.

Referred to as her "poor man's Jeffrey Smart" the digitally 
manipulated image is of shipping containers.
We love that this couple have embraced
primary colours, sleek lines and modern
design - even committing to a mostly black
kitchen - but it doesn't dictate what pieces
they'll display.  The blue and white Spode
sugar set is decidedly of a different era.

From the colour choices to the mix of modern
and antique, there's a rebellious streak
about this house that is cheeky and fun.
Thank you to this lovely family for sharing their  wonderful home with us.


bali fun house

There is nothing like a good long, long holiday in the sun and surf.
This is one holiday house we would love to call our Bali home.

The view to the rice fields.....
hours spent watching the ducks wade by

Lets not forget why we are here

One day we will return to this humble abode, sooner than later I hope!


Something special

When you buy a house with a very distinct design heritage, it takes a certain flair of your own to honour the original vision and to make it your own.
This house in Sydney's Rose Bay boasts interiors by the legendary designer Marion Hall Best.  Originally installed in the 60s and 70s, newish owners Susan and Michael have embraced Hall Best's bold backdrop and meshed it with their own fabulous style.

Fresh ideas from decades apart marry in timeless style.
Hall Best's grassy shade of yellow makes a big impact and 
 a modern light fitting makes a statement of its own.  
See http://www.ecc.com.au/ for more stunning

Susan and Michael haven't shied from using 
more colour with Hall Best's bold flooring.
Sofas in deep red and blue and a
multicoloured kilim rug stay true to Hall Best's
anti beige stance.

Beautiful pieces collected from worldy travels sit with
finds from local stores. 
An ornate French table holds an urn from
Howell and Howell Antiques in Woollahra,
candle sticks from Parterre 
(www.parterre.com.au) and a flat bowl from Ted Muehling in 
New York. 

Family photos and pieces collected from abroad
 make an eyecatching display. We love the touch of 
colour from the butterfly wings.

Botanical print fabric by Josef Frank circa 1940's looks as 
fresh as ever. 

  The original 1920s kitchen was later revamped with
Hall Best's dramatic red ceiling, floral walls and Marimekko
window coverings. Susan and Michael's addition of a simple
Kartell light and rustic furniture is eclectic perfection.

Josef Frank's beautiful wallpaper makes us want to take the

We love a grand welcome.

A trio of pears from Parterre perch in front of a 
luscious landscape by Sydney artist Helen Gauchat.

Milo enjoys his sunny spot.

We love the teaming of the heavy framed artwork
and antique English chair with a sleek dramatic light
from ecc. And we love that the landing is as exciting
as the rest of the house.

Susan loves Hall Best's choice of wallpaper here.  
A portrait of Susan's grandfather wins pride of 
place against the bold backdrop.

This gorgeous bathroom has stood true since the house
was built in 1924. 
Sometimes a flair for design is knowing when to do nothing.

A minimal Kartell light fitting is just right with a busy wall.

Yes, we really are in Sydney.

Rustic pots of succulents, trailing vines and falling
frangipani blossoms.
Just beautiful

Thanks so much to Susan and Michael and Amelia
and Henry and Eva for having us. 
Your home is a slice of heaven!
And... Thank you to our guest stylist this week,
Joanna Mae Park