Annie and Roland's perfect production

You could be forgiven for assuming a family of five in an apartment
would spell mayhem and clutter.  
But in this home, film industry couple Annie Beauchamp
 and Roland Gallois have created that elusive quality of
beautiful pared-back style with family-home warmth.
We think for Annie, a production designer, this inviting
apartment full of art and books and fabulous pieces might
be one of her finest productions yet.

The vast spaces, light and view in this rather grand apartment
make it feel more like a house.
There's an art to displaying (and storing) on open kitchen shelves.
Annie's collection of neutral toned crockery looks gorgeous.
An ecclectic arrangement of chairs surround the antique
Swedish dining table.  Roland found the green
chairs on the side of the road, the antique
Biedermeier chairs were originally sourced for a
film called 'The Well' and a STOKKE  high chair
adds its practical Swedish syle to the mix.
We adore this simple black and white kitchen!

The family's "surrogate dog" sits quietly on the sofa below
Annie's favourite painting of a wave at night. 
The Louise Hearman work was Annie and Roland's
 wedding gift to themselves.
Inspiration for Annie's work comes from books on art,
photography, film and architecture. But most inspiring
perhaps is Annie's Grandma whose photo sits amongst
the collection.
Annie's Grandma was the first woman in Queensland
to drive a car. She brought up her two children as a
single mother and ran a photographic studio! 
Like her amazing grandma, Annie loves photography
and majored in it at Art School. 
The glass plate camera sitting on the shelf was bought
on a film Annie worked on and she intends to learn
how to use it one day.

The striking piece on the wall is by the Strutt sisters.

The sheet music was made by Roland's old flatmate, Angela
Spring who used it as a backdrop for a woman's
clothing shopfront.
We love it's new home here.
This stunning light piece is by Tse Tse Associees, 
designer friends of Rolands based in Paris.  
Annie loves these lights and also their hand blown
wine glasses and ceramics.
We think this piece looks quite Christmassy.
See http://www.tse-tse.com/ for divine French
design (and a really cute website).

An original Bestlite shines on bedlinen which was hand dyed
by the talented Genevieve Blewitt who is a dying and ageing
specialist in the film industry. 

The multitalented Roland, a film and documentary editor,
painted the work above the bed.
A 1920's flapper dress was bought at the 'Banana Room' auctions
which is an emporium specializing in vintage clothing in Adelaide.
 Annie's friend Jo Thorpe, a costume maker, lovingly restored the
front beads and Annie then wore it as her wedding dress.
Displaying it like this is the perfect way to store a wedding dress!
A Bill Henson photograph is lit from above by a stunning original
1975 Pistillino wall light by Italian Studio Tetrarch. 

Who wouldn't be inspired in this work space?

Roland mounted a film poster for 'The Night is Young'
(or 'Mauvais Sang') on canvas which hangs in the foyer.
With arms wide open, Juliette Binoche welcomes and
farewells visitors to this wonderful home.

Thankyou so much Annie, Roland, Jack, Max and Oliver
for having us!


  1. What a beautifully serene home. Thank you for showing it.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful home! Thank you for the tour.

    I'm inspired to get everything off the floor now.

  3. What a gorgeous home. I have never worked with Annie - but she has an amazing reputation in the film industry. Think this is my fave house on here so far too!

  4. It's such a remarkable home. And as mothers we know it's no mean feat keeping up the style and order when you have a tribe of kids!

  5. love the black kitchen. simple & cosy. thanks for showing!

  6. I really enjoyed the tour of this home. I just found your blog and I love the premise - I am obsessed with how people really live, how they really design & think about their space. I just started blogging about my home and I try to be brutally honest because I think we see enough of the glossed over reality. I'm excited to see the rest of your blog!