A home filled with worldwide finds

Buying props for films means Christopher Bruce, a set decorator, is constantly coming across fabulous  finds.  Sticking to a selection of lovely and quirky key pieces, Christopher has created a pared back scene of domestic gorgeousness.  Some jobs clearly have fringe benefits....

Bundeena to Budapest. A tiny bear was spotted on the street in Budapest, the lamp was found at a car boot sale in Bundeena and the figurines are old Avon bottles bought in LA.

Ildiko kovacs work features throughout the house. 

The wall above Christophers desk features an everchanging selection of bits and pieces collected from all over.
The night sky and the flowerhead art works are "doodles" done by Christopher.  The horse painting came from Boonah in Queensland (we wish we could've got that in there with Budapest and Bundeena).

Hard rubbish day finds feature regularly in our favourite homes.  The little shelving unit was found years ago in pieces on a hard rubbish pile somewhere in Sydney. Christopher admired the great pokerwork on it and recalls being surprised that it all was there and nothing was broken. Christopher claims this is probably his favourite piece of furniture, "apart from my ridiculously expensive bed."

Serene and simple (in order for a good night's sleep, Christopher tries not to dwell on how much his top-of-the-line bed cost him!)

Labour of love. The side board cost one day of backbreaking work - Christopher dug a large hole in a friend's backyard so the plumber could fix her sewage.  We think he was paid very well indeed!   

Pictures collected over the last 15 years while on prop buying trips have usually been picked up for the price of the frame. Most have come from junk shops around Australia and world wide and Christopher admits to having so many now that there are lots more in storage. But this group has been on the wall for years now....

Amongst the collection is a David Floyd painting and a small drawing saying "Queue Here" which Christopher assumes was done by a child and framed by the parents. ATony Tuckson drawing hangs amongst a Noel McKenna, a drawing by Gwenda Namatjira and two more of Ildiko Kovac's works.
A painting he thought was by a famous New Zealand artist turned out not to be but Christopher loves it regardless and we love that. All the rest are mostly between 30 to 50 years old and are unsigned which Christopher likes.

Like a set from a film - lovely and rustic and charming.  We want to watch!

Next time we visit a tiny sunny seaside apartment ...


  1. Just love the bedroom ceiling. Mine is similar, though not intentionally. It will remain that way now. What a beautiful house!

  2. I totally adore this home, I could move straight in and not change a thing !!!