Di and BT's cachophany of colour

An empty shell was clearly the perfect start for Di and BT. Starting from scratch has allowed this couple to truly express themselves.  Mildy mad yet utterly delicious, welcome to this home where nothing is predictable or plain....                                                                                                                                                                            

Love that smoked bronze mirrored rangehood! Di likes how the light reflects off it.  And what a fabulous light it is. It took a while for Di and BT to find two matching light fittings for the kitchen but eventually a pair of these turned up at Mitchell St Auctions in Sydney.   see http://mitchellroadauctions.com/ for lots of goodies.
A serious black oven slots in with custom made ply kitchen cupboards in the same sexy tone.  Off the shelf wood detailing are attached as door handles and the splashback tiles are original 60's Australian tiles bought from a collecter found in the yellow pages.
In a design coup, Di and BT knocked out the back window and replaced it with a glass wall that opens via a rope pulley.  As if there's not enough gorgeousness to look at already, the wall faces the beach and a massive pine tree.  Di loves that they can sit and watch birds fly in and out of the branches and possums run up it at night.  Lovely!

This wallpaper from Germany was another Mitchell St Auctions find. 
Inspiration comes from all over the place.  After wearing this lovely green on her toenails, Di knew she wanted it on her walls.                          

The hallway is a showcase for BT's collection of rock posters of favourite artists and gigs.

Admitting she has a faux flower fetish, Di says she buys them "anyway they come - per bunch or per metre!"  We have noticed there's a bit of faux fruit thing happening too.

It's not often we see an apricot wall we like but we love this room.  Delicious and inviting (and reminds us of Nan).

Thanks so much Di and BT for having us.  We really love your home.


  1. I think this may be my favourite so far! I especially love the splashback tiles and the toilet roll holder as a diplay piece - mine's in the toilet but I'm reconsidering...

  2. I agree, there is so much to look at. It was great fun to shoot this lovely