bali fun house

There is nothing like a good long, long holiday in the sun and surf.
This is one holiday house we would love to call our Bali home.

The view to the rice fields.....
hours spent watching the ducks wade by

Lets not forget why we are here

One day we will return to this humble abode, sooner than later I hope!


  1. Pure bliss.
    I love all of the different options for bathing - so Bali!

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

  2. where in Bali is this divine house...we are thinking of going...jo- oldflowers4me.blogspot.com

  3. you are so in the right place at the right time! It's pouring and freezing here at the moment...

  4. I am off to Bali in 4 weeks to celebrate a milestone. I would love the contact details for this gorgeous holiday home if possible.

  5. my goodness this is like a scene from Eat, Pray & Love! so amazing indeed. what a gorgeous find your blog! i found you through Sunday Collector!

  6. Oh yess.... gorgeous House for resting holidays... please tell us where to cjeck this house available ofr our next trip to Bali!! and welcome back Home!!

  7. yes... please tell us where this is! great blog.

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