Home of the Merewether family. 1959 - 2010.

We are so happy to have captured this immaculate modernist home before sadly...
The builders arrive.
Designed and built in 1959 and recently sold, this incredible house has timeless style and a heartwarming history. 
For over 50 years the Merewethers have lived in this home created for his family by architect John Merewether.
Now with new owners, it is due to double in size and lose many of its original features. 
So here it is before the new residents moved in.
We can only hope they will appreciate and respect this house as much as we do.

It's just wonderful when a home is filled with authentic pieces
bought in their original era. 
Resisting the changing trends of later decades, 
this home looks fresh and modern - with a
 vintage edge.
It has truly withstood the test of time.

We adore the kitchen but there are plans to replace it. Of course.

Echoes of mid-century California in suburban Sydney. We wouldn't change a thing.


  1. Oh NO!! I could almost cry. I wish I hadn't seen your beautiful photos knowing it's all going to be destroyed.

    How could that be changed? What's wrong with people?

    Beautiful photos. So glad I found your blog. Thank you.

  2. O. M. G. - that is simply stunning. What a shame. WHAT a shame! Love the stove (is it an AGA?), love the paddle shaped chopping board, love the windows, love the Snelling web chairs, love, love, love...

  3. Hey! MMMC! I was just about to email this link to you with the subject 'Read this and weep'!

  4. Why not just build a new house? These gems should be listed and prospective buyers interviewed! Those windows, those stove knobs, the parquetry and that furniture....

  5. We suspect the renovations will keep the integrity of the building but why can't people just appreciate these houses as they are?!?

  6. I agree, some houses should be left untouched, this is such a special place ... thanks for sharing.

  7. It's just gorgeous, why would you change a thing?? I cannot understand why people buy something when they want to change so much about it. Sniff.

  8. I love every little bit. why change perfection.
    Those floors *swoon*

  9. I love that piece - what a wonderful time warp of design at its best.
    What a find!

  10. Heartbreaking - thanks for getting these great photos up before (sniff) it's all gone.
    Tone - http://swingsandroundabouts-blog.blogspot.com/

  11. This truly is a testament that good taste never dates.
    I hope that the new owners employ an architect who is sympathetic to the design and heritage of this lovely home


    One a lighter note, if you'd like to win something lovely to hang in your home hop on over to my blog www.giftsofserendipity.com

  12. Oh wow, I'm so glad I found your blog via "meet me ar mikes", you take amazing pictures of amazing places... so inspiring!
    all the best from Berlin

  13. Yet again great pictures of great subjects.
    Enjoying your work.

  14. I just love it!!! all those colours and the light.

  15. Thanks everyone for your great comments. We have to admit the mid-century finds are a bit of a fave! Look out for our new upload soon - very different to the last one but just as lovely.

  16. Love the blog! god that kitchen almost gives me a "little"respect for mine.
    Lets hope the new owners have got some taste.

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  19. Some house on the blog that was made in the year 1959 and lately sold, this amazing house has eternal elegance and a pleasing history. They told me about Clemens Habicht Puzzles yesterday. Probably for over 50 years the Merewethers have stayed in this home that was made for his family by designer named John Merewether.

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