An original little beach house

Everytime we see a 1950's house left unscathed we breathe a sigh of relief  (so often victim to unappreciative Sydney renovators).  Georgina Wilson shows us how to do midcentury...

Living Room.
Seagrass matting is pure coast house. Floor cusions inject some lovely Missoni pattern and colour while a French 50's light from Angelucci in Melbourne http://www.angelucci.net.au/  is just elegant.  The black and white work by Chris Bruce is a striking presence. 

Dining Room
The Arne Jacobson chairs were salvaged from a film set and by all accounts were a lovely dark wood veneer. They were painted blue for filming purposes! But it works.  Georgina's friend, artist Paul McNeil owns the West German ceramics which appear right at home in this house.

A Bubble light by George Nelson complements the circular theme of the Barney Campbell Tjakamarra work.

We love it when a secondhand find just has to be had.  A 1963 painting of Mt Warning by Tyndall is of particular resonance to Georgina, reminding her of home.  The black floor lamp is a 'Coupe' floor lamp by Oluce. www.oluce.com/

Paul McNeils tiny work is just visible in this room. It is pared back perfection! Sally Campbells zigzag pattened bedspread adds just enough texture. See www.sallycampbell.com.au/  for more beautiful textiles and www.paulmcneil.com/ for awesome art.

Next time: we visit a semi that's had the full workover...

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  1. I love this house! is there anyway I can find out what the paint color is in the bedroom? Thanks!